Eunice Public Library

Location & Goals

Eunice Public Library was founded in 1950, in a small building on Avenue J and has moved and grown. In 1958, the library was located in the Community Center until it outgrew its surroundings and had to be moved to our current location on Avenue N in 1980, which houses our current collection of about 23,542 books and media.

Eunice Public Library

The main purpose of the library is to provide patrons with literature and information for entertainment, learning and research. Services the library provides: fax, email, email scans, printing and making copies. These services are also open to the general public, including public authorities, businesses, hospitals and schools.

Library Staff

  • Tara Parker, Library Director
  • Margie Tipton, Assistant Children’s Librarian
  • Melinda Cowan, Children’s Librarian

History & Innovations

  • 1950 - Establishment of the library
  • 1958 - Moved to Community Center
  • 1980 - Moved to Avenue N
  • 1986 - Added on an addition for the expansion of collection
  • 1993 - Expanded include museum / art room / southwest collection
  • 2007 - Public access to the online cataloging system and joined the ELIN consortium

2023 Statistical Data

  • Holdings: 23,542 Volumes
  • Computer: Over 12,000 Licensed Database Journals
  • Reader workstations: 8 Public PC Workstations for Users
  • Library Visits: 6,975
  • Active Registered Users: 953
  • Total Number of Loans Including Renewals: 8,559