Message From Eunice Police Chief

Eunice Police Department is a full-service community oriented law enforcement agency. The department is housed at the Complex on 2301 W. Avenue O suite B next to the  the Eunice Senior Center located at 2301 W. Avenue O suite A.

Tip Hotline

Eunice Citizens,

The Eunice Police Department has implemented a tip hotline. If you see anything that appears suspicious in nature or something does not look right, anything at all. An email can be sent that is monitored by all officers on duty. Please do not hesitate to contact us by using this tip line. This tip line is discreet, and your information will not be shared or released. If you would like contact from an officer, leave your name and contact information for us to get back with you. The email is listed below.


*Reminder this is not a dispatching or an emergency system. 

For any emergencies please dial "911"*

John Fray, Interim Chief of Police

City of Eunice Police Badge

The Eunice Police Department Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission - To collaborate with the local and surrounding community by implementing a partnership that allows our officers to be more effective in crime deterrence and provide a safe environment; Have a diverse and well-trained police force that can provide the proper support for all situations and problems that occur in the community.
  • Vision -The Eunice Police Department strives to eliminate crime in the community and prevent public disorder while maintaining the highest standards of policing.
  • Values - (L E A D E R S H I P)
  • Loyalty- to our public leaders and our community.
  • Education - to our community in our ordinances along with state statutes of the law.
  • Adaptive - to the community needs.
  • Duty - to fulfill our obligations and commitments to our organization and our city.
  • Establish - trust and rapport.
  • Respect -  for everyone we come in contact with.
  • Selfless Service - in going above and beyond our normal duties.
  • Honor- in the way we conduct ourselves on and off duty.
  • Integrity- honesty and ethical conduct always.
  • Personal Courage - ability to face adversity by putting fear aside and do what's necessary.

If you have any concerns or comments regarding public safety contact Interim Chief John Fray (email)  

Records Contact:  Email (records@cityofeunice.org) Phone: 575-394-2112, Fax 575-394-9025, Hours: Mon-Thur 7:30am – 5:30pm and Friday 7:30am -11:30am, closed all major holidays

Pay Citations

Now you can pay citations online.

Police Department Employees

  • John Fray, Interim Chief
  • Todd Dimock, Sergeant 
  • Jessica Lopez, Detective
  • Andrew Jimenez, SRO
  • Drew Buescher, K-9 Officer
  • Jerry Hawkins, Patrol 
  • Quinn Cargile, Patrol Officer
  • Ulyses Gutierrez, Patrol Officer
  • Isidoro Mora, Patrol Officer
  • Claire Miller, Administrator/Records
  • Bob Lyle, Records, Crime Scene Tech/Records/Animal Control